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Visiting a handsome guy..... finding him laying in bedf with a huge hard-on and undressing and climbing on and stadling him with my face looking toward his feet ... slowly work local hookups ass in figure eights... slowly lowering myself onto his big cock and taking him in and slowly working and riding his cock from balls to tip untill he shudders and cums..... Then I get off , get dressed ... say Merry Chistmas and to all a good night and leave quietly never to see him again.OK - Im wondering if other womn have this fantasy...... I wish I had the guts !!

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My name is casandra lee but my friends call me cassie. I work as a bartender in boston near Fenway Park on select nights while working as a lab researcher at mass general hospital. I am an outgoing spontaneous girl that knows how to have a good time. On my free time id like to let the fling and dance the night away. I love to travel to anywhere besides here and i'm really into the outdoors. I love camping and aspire to climb Mt. Killimenjaro. I play guitar and listen to anything that makes my body move. I am down to earth and down for anything !

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I just got out of a long term relationship, and to be completely honest, i don't really know what i want from the opposite sex.Maybe we'll be friends, maybe we'll have the most amazing sex of our lives. God only knows.Right now I'm just looking for interesting guys to talk to, I don't believe in meeting up with complete strangers..so there will be a game get laid try process, sorry.I don't have a whole lot of standards as far as looks go, i like green eyes but it really doesn't matter.As long as you're legal, (18+) and you're not going to have a heart attack if we go out on the town (because you're ancient or so obese you can't leave the house) we should be fine. Honestly after the drama of dating a 30 year old, I would be very open to a guy in his 40's..hoping that he's mature.Things I'd like to see in you:*intelligence*maturity*charm*currently supporting yourself (though I understand if you're still a student)I'll tell you more about me if you're interested, but for the record I feel I should disclose, I am not a small girl. I am probably about a size 20, and I know that is a problem for some.Hope to hear from you.

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Notice: I will NOT go hunting for, go to different sites for, or send you my e-mail or any other activity to see your pic...If you want to join me and/or any group I may put together, it is YOUR responsibility to provide me with a face and equipment photo. Not only is it time-consuming enough to weed out all the dumbasses and people who can't follow simple directions, but flirt girl relationship only make me suspect that you are hiding something or not secure/mature enough to be considered when you play games.

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