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Bi Girl Seeking Advice from Those Able to Give It - mw4w (New Kensington, 15068, PA , Pittsburgh Metro Area)
So, I have a question for anyone who feels able to answer it. This question is in earnest, and I am asking here because I am unsure of where else to go for an answer. I am not asking in this post to meet up with anyone necessarily, though if that comes of this, then I might be open to it with meet single women for free precautions. I am bi. I have a serious boyfriend who knows this about me, and who is himself straight. I am posting here because while I am in a monogamous and loving relationship with a man, there are needless to say times when I have lingering thoughts about girls. I don't believe in monogamy with fine print - like the idea of being monogamous in the straight sense, and then having special privileges to be intimate with someone external to the relationship just because I am also into girls. Cheating is cheating in my opinion. But, I suggested to him (and I place the emphasis on the fact that it was ME who made the suggestion, NOT him) that we try to find a girl to bring into the situation so that I can enjoy that half of my sexuality by sharing it with him, without having to go outside of the relationship. We have discussed everything that we would and would not be comfortable with, and we are both really excited about it. But, now comes the hard part: finding someone. So, finally, here is my question: I am truly at a loss as to how to make something like this happen. Where do I go? How do I approach a young woman about this without scaring her off or creating a bad impression? I have never ventured to do this before, and would prefer to avoid the online meetup thing, would much prefer to meet in the more traditional sense of being out, but am not totally closed off to the idea. So, please... any words of advice? And, in light of pride week are there any events or venues people have been to before that cater to bisexuals that are particularly awesome?

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