Daddy? (29902, SC, Beaufort County)
There was this older man that wanted to try this scenerio and at first I thought it was a little twisted/sick but I decided to try it anyway. I'm openminded and still exploring what I like and don't like. Anyway, he wasnt completely into the roleplaying, it was more just me referring to him as my Daddy and him being intimate and referring to me as his sweet pea/little girl. See, right now, just talking about this I'm getting SO turned on! Anywho, so I got a little taste of it and I realized I felt SO turned on and in a kind of dirty/wrong way which made it hotter. lol I want to try the full fledge thing and have been trying to find a guy to fufill it. It would have to be a guy at least 40 (for some reason the younger ones make it hard for me to get into the character with, just seems fake or something). I like businessmen and definitely a man that has experience doing this and will take the time needed to make it seem real. I think the best way would be to be in character from the begining and kind of build a little bit of a history or relationship together. Email back and fourth, talk on the phone...all in character and then meet a few times and go eat or run errands. Again, all in character. He would be a little stern/parental but sweet. There would be a few things he would do here and there that would make me feel uncomfortable or question if it's normal for him to be doing that. Like brushing himself against me, or cuddling/tucking me in a little flirting lesbian than normal. I would want it to seem innocent and like I have no idea what sex or the body parts are. I would love to make/see him happy and he would keep me in line. If I began to question things, he would become a little stern sometimes and others reassuring. Little by little he would become more and more intimate with me. He would eventually teach me about myself, his parts, how to perform certain acts...?

Seeking Straight Edge local hookups (Beaufort, South Carolina )
I love a man who's tanned, and has a tight bum. If you fit the bill, then I can make you fit into me. I want to fuck you til you scream for mercy. . . . but I won't give you any, hee hee!

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A little slap n tickle? (29906, flirt girl relationship SC, Beaufort County)
i'm a attractive normal girl. i just like to sit around on the couch and watch tv. not sure what i want to do with life yet. i'm just rolling with the punches and seeing where life's taking me.

Take my direction (29902, Beaufort, SC)
I've never felt that confident ordering my man about in bed flirt with a man now I'm single I'm looking for a guy who I know it won't offend. I'm naughty and want to tell you exactly how I like each move. If you don't get it right you might just get a spanking! Email me your photo!

broad (29906, Beaufort, South Carolina)
i need a meatstick now. if you can get here in 30 minutes flirt no bra come on over baby. email me for pics and number.

Lonely and bored married women are desperate to find someone to have an affair with. Someone to touch them the way they want to be touched, someone to make them feel the way they want to feel, someone to fulfil their sexual fantasies.

couple with fantasy (Beaufort, 29906 , Beaufort County)
hi there as title says we have a fantasy we wanna fulfill. i really want to see a woman give him head then watch him take you and i play with each other. younger men meet older women would love to see him ride you while you eat me if you are comfortable with that too. i also want to eat you and touch you all over and make out while he takes turns taking us both. i am petite, 104 and size 4, hes tall athletic 6ft 140, were both white, but we dont have a preference on age, race or size if you have something you want please ask we are here to please and get you off :) respond with fantasy so we know youre real thanks

Phone... (Beaufort, South Carolina )
i am 18. yes i am still in high school but i am also a part-time college student and i work part time at drug warehouse. i hope to become a forensic pathologist one day so i kinda want a guy that will take me seriously and married flirting judge me for doing something so weird. i like all kinds of music.i do have a tattoo hopefully i will be getting more.

looking for great friend and partner (Beaufort, 29902, SC )
I dont know what I really excpect to come of a hotlist ad. I really would like to meet my mister right. But I dont see that happening.Who wants the story... We met on hotlist.But it seems for some reason I cant meet a guy around town.And my friends arent matchmakers made in heaven.I am tired of being alone on rainy nights like this. I want someone to sunngle up and watch movies with. Maybe have a few drinks.Play a card or meet older women game. Maybe video games. Im a total dweeb*but a cute one*I am very 420 friendly. I hope you are too!Looks are the most important thing on my list. I have to feel some type of sexual attraction for it to work.I have dated all types of guys. Big tall small . Doesnt matter to me so dont be afriad to answer my ad !I am a sucka fora tats and pericingsPlease be local. I do drive but my P.O.S wont make it out of the county!Your pics get my response.